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MDM Design Studio is a custom builder located in Birmingham, AL. Get your dream home decor designed for your custom space with the help of MDM Design Studio, and see your vision come to life.
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Steel and walnut table

Why Does My Home Need Custom Furniture?

Make your home a standout spot with custom furniture pieces

Choosing the right furniture for a home is a highly personal venture — but what if the stores aren’t carrying your dream furniture? Instead of waiting to find what you are looking for or your style to come into fashion, consider designing your own custom furnishings. Here are some of the best reasons to get custom furniture made for your home.


Walnut Dining Table With Metal Legs

Solve Any Sizing Problems

If your home has an unusual floor plan, the rooms and their angles may not accommodate traditional furniture brands. This can be a problem, as sometimes you really need a wall of shelving or a particular sized table to fit a certain room. . Designing custom furniture to fit in your home guarantees that any unique requests will be fulfilled, and any sizing issues are solved when implementing furniture tailored to the space. Your table can be extra long to seat your entire family, your drawers can be wide enough to fit the specific products you are hoping to store inside, and built-in furniture can be sized according to the space provided. It is the best way to utilize every square foot of the house you have invested into.

Terry Slaughter Collab Work In Progress Shots

Be Personally Involved in the Design Process

Part of the fun of creating custom furniture is having control over every last detail. That way, you’ll be completely happy with the results. Whether you plan to design office furniture, remodel the kitchen, or create a custom organization solution, details matter. Choose things like wood finish, sizing, metalworking, fixtures, and functionalities. When each element is curated for your home to your specifications, you are certain to find value in your custom designs. Bring your ideas into reality, and get recommendations from professionals with years of experience to ensure you know all the possibilities for your project. With the help of a design company, such as MDM Design Studio, you can customize your space to be as unique as you are!

Shagreen Entertainment Center

Get Exactly What You Need — And What You Imagine

When it comes to creating custom furniture, the sky’s the limit! Furniture can be both beautiful and functional, and no two homes have the same needs or functionality requirements. Create custom solutions and cohesive sets that will elevate the space, express your style, and provide you with all of the functions you need them to have. Solutions for your home might include more storage, more counter space, hidden functions, fixtures in a particular color, and custom finishes to match the existing furniture in your home. This is the time to release any limitations you may have on design, and let your creativity shine through.

Under the Stair White Storage Cabinets

Consider Some Creative Solutions

When it comes to home decoration, a myriad of issues can arise. These can range from unusual wall/door sizing, unattractive cabinetry, lack of storage space, or completely wasted space due to floorplan. . With research, it’s possible to figure out solutions for yourself, but most homes benefit from a professional’s input when finding solutions to these difficult decor problems.. Consult professionals like the ones here at MDM Design Studio when embarking on a custom furniture journey. Their experience in the interior design field and top-notch equipment could present solutions you might not have considered. Your home will thank you!

Fluted Floating Bathroom Sink

Make Special Requests for Materials and Installation

The materials used in your furniture are just as important as the shape and size. They determine the longevity of the furniture and the limits of its usage. Whether you want to incorporate specific fabrics on seats, certain finishes on the wood, or another one-of-a-kind feature that will set the furniture apart , voice specific requests when designing furniture for your home. The need for a high weight capacity, certain type of metal, or desire for hidden handles can be fulfilled if we are made aware during the design process. The value and longevity of high-quality, custom-made furniture will show for years to come with proper treatment, and the installation will be on a convenient timeline that will work for all parties.

Your dream home awaits! MDM Design Studio can help you get started with high-quality, custom furniture pieces, cabinetry, and more with unparalleled focus on detail and design. Contact our team to start brainstorming today. Get a Quote to submit your design ideas straight to our team for a quote on your next project!
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