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Planning Your Dream Bedroom

Five easy ways to create the bedroom paradise you have always envisioned.

Brainstorm, Conceptualize, Plan!

Credenza, Bed and Tables for a Child's Room

We all deserve the bedroom we’ve always dreamed of. Our bedroom is arguably the most important room in the home! It’s where our bodies go for rest & rejuvenation, and it deserves to be the room you’ve always wanted it to be.The first step in planning for your new dream bedroom is to brainstorm. What does this look like in your mind? What are the colors, the aesthetic, and the pieces you envision? Conceptualize and plan exactly what you want your bedroom to become – it will make it easier to bring your vision from something intangible to actual reality. A great place to start brainstorming is on websites such as Pinterest and Houzz, but you can also get a bunch of ideas from our Full Portfolio right here on our website!

Declutter Your Current Bedroom

White oak and steel bedside tables

Before you can start executing your brainstormed plans for your dream bedroom, it’s time to clean out your old belongings. When going through your bedroom in preparations for new furniture items, make sure you keep the items you can see yourself using in your new bedroom, and part with those you cannot. While it’s not easy to part with our old possessions, it is of vital importance to ensure your new makeover looks clean instead of cluttered. Don’t forget to think of your storage options for your new bedroom! Proper storage allows you to keep both your old and new goods stored and out of the way, leaving your room looking more spacious and put together.

Consider Lighting to Set the Tone

Lighting is everything when it comes to setting the ambiance for your bedroom, so be sure to consider all your different options to get the perfect vibe. Proper lighting can transform your bedroom into your own personal paradise.

When you envision your space, is the lighting soft and homely? Bright and airy? Somewhere in the middle? Warm lighting will make your bedroom feel more relaxed and cozy, while cooler tone lighting could be better for those who like to read and spend more awake time in their bedroom. A modern approach to lighting design is smart lighting. This allows you to control the color and brightness of your lighting and change it to fit your mood. From ambient lighting to task lighting, your lighting design should be thoughtfully considered to ensure it will be effective for your space.

Statement Pieces & Focal Points

Our eyes love statement pieces; they make a room look cohesive and add a focal point to any space. When thinking of your dream bedroom, the most obvious statement piece choice would be your bed. Whether you’re upgrading the size, frame, or bedding, customizing your bed can transform your entire room. While you can choose anything to be your statement piece, the goal is to plan the rest of your bedroom around this piece. You should match your other aesthetic choices to the statement piece to make sure there is harmony in your design. Your statement piece should be the main attraction.

Coordinate from Ceiling to Floor for a Complete Vision

Coordination doesn’t stop at furniture! When designing your new bedroom, don’t forget to consider your ceilings and floors as well. How is your dream bedroom painted? What type of flooring does it have? What about ceiling light fixtures? All of these questions could easily be overlooked, but can make a world of difference when creating your new space. Coloring your walls will add a pop of energy and atmosphere. New ceiling fixtures are a great way to spice up your lighting even further. Up to date flooring can take your room from outdated to modern. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing, so make sure to get creative!

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