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MDM Design Studio is a custom builder located in Birmingham, AL. Get your dream home decor designed for your custom space with the help of MDM Design Studio, and see your vision come to life.
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Circular Meeting Table for Office Space

Office Solutions – For Work or Home

Keeping your workspace tidy, whether you’re at home or at the office can be quite the undertaking, but these simple office solutions can make organization and consolidation a synch.

Custom Desks

Don’t cut corners, utilize them. When possible incorporate an L-shaped desk which allows you to make the most out of your space by optimizing the amount of work area available. This type of desk allows you to have all of your necessary office equipment on one side while the other area can be used as more of a creative space if needed. . Whether you’re an architect sketching out new building designs or an artist illustrating a short story, the possibilities are endless with this desk selection.

If your job requires you to store an abundance of files or to have everything from a printer, phone, laptop, monitor, and scanner at your disposal you may want to look into a U-shaped desk. These desks increase the surface area of your work space, are great for multi-use spaces, ideal for vertical storage, and very aesthetically pleasing. Not having enough room will be a thing of the past.

Bookcase Walls

Once you’ve got your desk situation sorted out, it’s time to embrace your wall space. Bookcase walls can be stylish and chic while also allowing you to not only organize things such as office supplies but present an opportunity to store them as well. These walls can be built around your existing furniture, and even doors, to fashion the ultimate use of the room.

Cabinets and Drawers

It might go without saying, but incorporating cabinets and drawers to either your new desk or your beautiful bookcase walls will convey an orderly presence and allow you to discreetly keep everything your business requires hidden to any guests while providing you with an additional organizing opportunity. A printer or trash can hiding in a pullout drawer are great uses of this type of storage.

Conference Tables

Now that you have all of this extra room from your organizing efforts, you’ll have plenty of space for a designated meeting area. Impress your clients with a stunning and unique conference table, designed with your specific needs and style in mind. Data ports, which come in almost limitless combinations can also be incorporated in the tables so that all your devices can be plugged in and fully utilized while at the table.


The only thing left to add to your conference area is an outlet to present your work, so why not do this in a sleek and modern way? You can showcase your work with a television atop a credenza. Why a credenza? This allows you to hide any distracting cords or electrical equipment so that everyone can focus on the task at hand, whatever that may be. And if your meetings are sometimes long and dredging, you can use this piece to store tableware for when a much-needed meal takes place during the meeting.

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