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Built in Walnut Bar with Glass Decor full view

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Custom Furniture

Built in Walnut Bar with Glass Decor full view

As the holiday season approaches, homes around the world transform into magical realms of cheer, warmth, and celebration. For those who cherish both the spirit of the holidays and the elegance of high-class interiors, integrating festive decor with custom furniture can be a delightful challenge. At MDM Design Studio, we understand the importance of preserving the luxury and integrity of your custom pieces while embracing the festive spirit. In this blog, we will guide you through a journey of tasteful holiday decorating that complements and enhances your exquisite furniture.

Understanding Your Space and Furniture​

Before diving into the world of holiday decor, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of your space and the nature of your custom furniture. Each piece of furniture in your home – whether it’s a bespoke oak dining table, a handcrafted walnut armoire, or a custom-designed velvet sofa – has its unique character and style. The key to successful holiday decorating is to accentuate these pieces without overwhelming them.

Color Coordination and Balance

When decorating for the holidays, color schemes play an integral role. Consider the existing color palette of your room and furniture. Traditional holiday colors like red, green, and gold can be beautifully integrated, but be mindful not to clash with your current setup. For a more modern and sophisticated look, think about using monochromatic or metallic color schemes – silvers, golds, and even rose gold can add a festive touch while maintaining an air of elegance.

Adding Festive Accents to Furniture

Let’s focus on how you can add festive touches to your furniture. Start with subtle yet striking additions:

  • For Tables: Adorn your dining or coffee tables with elegant table runners that complement the wood’s natural hues. Centerpieces featuring candles, pine cones, and simple, elegant floral arrangements can create a festive ambiance without taking away from the table’s craftsmanship.

  • For Sofas and Chairs: High-quality throw pillows in velvet or silk with subtle holiday motifs can enhance the look. Consider rich, deep colors or metallic tones that reflect the holiday mood while keeping in line with the luxe nature of your furniture.

  • For Cabinets and Shelves: Decorate these with minimalist holiday-themed items. Think small, tasteful wreaths, sophisticated holiday figurines, or a string of delicate, warm lights. The idea is to enhance, not hide, the beauty of your cabinetry.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Nothing speaks to the holiday spirit quite like the natural elements of the season. Incorporate fresh greenery, such as garlands or wreaths, to bring a touch of nature into your home. These can be draped over mantelpieces, wound around staircase banisters, or even placed atop tall cabinets. The fresh green color complements most furniture and adds a lively, organic touch to the decor.

Personal Touches

Finally, personal touches are what make holiday decorating truly special. Whether it’s a family heirloom displayed on a side table or handmade holiday crafts by the kids, these personal elements add warmth and stories to your space.

Preventing Holiday Spills and Messes

While embracing the holiday spirit, it’s equally important to safeguard your luxurious furniture from potential spills and messes. Here are some preventive strategies:

  • Protective Table Coverings: Use stylish yet functional tablecloths or placemats for your dining area. Choose fabrics that are spill-resistant and easy to clean, without compromising on the elegance of your setup. A well-chosen tablecloth can be both a design element and a protective layer.

  • Strategic Placement of Coasters and Trays: Encourage the use of coasters and trays by strategically placing them around your living space. Opt for designs that complement your furniture and holiday decor. Coasters made of marble, slate, or embellished with metallic accents can add to the festive feel while protecting your surfaces.

  • Using Serving Trays for Drinks and Appetizers: Serving trays not only add to the elegance of your presentation but also help contain spills and crumbs. Choose trays with raised edges and stable bases to minimize the risk of accidents.

Dealing with Spills on Wood Furniture

In the event of a spill, quick and proper action can prevent lasting damage to your wood furniture:

  • Immediate Response: Gently blot spills immediately with a soft, dry cloth to absorb the liquid. Avoid wiping as it can spread the spill.

  • Use the Right Cleaning Materials: For more stubborn spills, use a slightly damp cloth followed by a dry one. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the wood finish.

  • Polishing and Protection: After cleaning, consider using a wood polish to restore the furniture’s shine and provide a protective layer. Choose polishes that are suitable for the type of wood and finish of your furniture.

Additional Protective Measures

There are additional items and measures you can use to protect your furniture during the holidays:

  • Decorative Table Runners: A heavy-duty yet decorative table runner can offer added protection against spills and scratches, especially for dining tables.

  • Custom Glass Tops: Consider having custom glass tops made for your most valuable furniture pieces. They provide an excellent protective barrier while allowing the beauty of the woodwork to shine through.

  • Felt Pads for Decorative Items: Place felt pads under holiday decorations to prevent scratches on wood surfaces.

The holidays are a time for joy and celebration, and with these tips, you can keep your custom furniture safe and looking pristine. By combining strategic decorating choices with practical measures to protect your pieces, you can enjoy the festivities without worry. Remember, the true essence of the holiday season lies in the warmth and love shared with family and friends, and a beautifully decorated, well-protected home sets the perfect stage for making wonderful memories.
Happy Holidays and best wishes for a season filled with elegance, joy, and peace, from all of us at MDM Design Studio!

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