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Capturing Elegance: Photography Tips for Your Custom Wood Furniture

LED mirrors add a pop above this freshly installed walnut vanity we designed and made for a New Orleans home. ⁠

When you invest in high-end, custom wood furniture from MDM Design Studio, you’re not just buying a piece of furniture—you’re acquiring a piece of art. Naturally, photographing such pieces requires a discerning eye and a careful approach to truly convey their beauty. Whether you’re showcasing your new addition on social media or your website, here are expert tips to ensure your photographs stand out and do justice to the craftsmanship of your custom furniture.

Understand the Importance of Lighting

Lighting is, without a doubt, the most crucial element in furniture photography. Natural light brings out the warmth and natural grain of the wood, so aim to photograph your furniture piece near a large window. However, avoid direct sunlight as it can cast harsh shadows and create unwanted highlights. The golden hours, just after sunrise or before sunset, provide a soft and diffused light that can accentuate the textures and finishes of your furniture.

Choose the Right Angle

The angle at which you take your photo can dramatically change the story it tells. Try photographing your piece from various angles to find the most flattering perspective. Eye-level shots can make the piece appear as it would naturally in a room, while low-angle shots can give it a more majestic feel. Remember to focus on unique details or craftsmanship that sets your custom furniture apart. Checkout our portfolio to see examples of different camera angles on different sizes of furniture.

Set the Scene

Context is key in furniture photography. Place your furniture in a staged setting that complements its style and function. For instance, a beautifully crafted MDM desk could be styled with high-end stationery, a sleek laptop, and a designer lamp. Ensure the surrounding space is tidy and free from clutter to keep the focus on the furniture.

Keep it Sharp

Sharpness in your photographs reflects the precision and quality of the craftsmanship. Use a tripod to eliminate camera shake and ensure your images are crisp. If using a smartphone, tap on the screen to focus on the furniture before taking the picture.

Pay Attention to Composition

The rule of thirds is a classic composition technique in photography. Imagine your image is divided into nine equal segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Try to position the most important elements of your furniture along these lines, or at their intersections.

Highlight the Material and Texture

Wooden furniture has a texture that should be celebrated. Adjust the white balance and use a polarizing filter to reduce reflections and enhance the natural colors and grain of the wood. Close-up shots can capture the fine details and textures that make your custom furniture unique. Make sure to not blow out any reflections on glossy surfaces so you do not lose the texture of the wood, you can turn down the exposure or highlights/whites to help fix this problem.

Edit with Care

Post-processing is a powerful tool but should be used sparingly. Adjust the exposure, contrast, and saturation to reflect the true colors and finish of the furniture, but avoid over-editing that may misrepresent the piece. Wood usually has a warm tone, so don’t be afraid to correct the white balance to reflect that – as many cameras use an auto white-balance feature that doesn’t always capture the true beauty of wood pieces in some lighting scenarios.


By following these photography tips, you can create stunning, share-worthy photographs of your custom wood furniture that capture the quality beauty of your piece. Whether it’s for an Instagram post, a Facebook album, or your website gallery, the right image will resonate with viewers and showcase the true value of your investment. Whether you are using these tips to photograph furniture by MDM Design Studio, or another designer, they will be sure to improve the photos you capture of your new home decor.

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